Beast Brawl Early Access Starts Now!

11 months ago

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Join a faction, battle for supremacy, climb the ranks, unlock beasts, earn prizes, and more in the next exciting release of BEAST BRAWL! Over $10,000 in prize value will be given away in the form of Silvery Ferry Tickets, White List PFP Spots, and over one hundred thousand Shells, shells, shells!

Beast Brawl Early Access Starts Now!


We are thrilled to announce the launch of Beast Brawl Early Access this week! With this exciting launch, we have three main features to introduce:

Faction Contest

Join your Faction’s team and coordinate in Discord to outperform other Factions and earn top rewards and glory for your side!

Beast Brawl Early Access Season 2 revolves around a competition between Factions. Faction Leaders will strive to organize and lead their teams to victory. They can use different FACTION ABILITIES such as Roasting opposing factions, unlocking new Beasts for their team, and increasing the reward multipliers for a limited amount of time.

Players not participating in a Faction will have significantly fewer rewards than those who do, so the first thing you should do is select a faction, which you can do in our Discord or in the Beast Brawl app.


Faction Abilities

Each of the 3 Factions has access to a few abilities that will help you and your faction claim victory in Beast Brawl Season 2. These include Beast Unlocking, Roasted Curse, and 2x Shell Multiplier.

You can find out more about Faction's abilities in the **Early Access Guide.**

Faction Leaders

Each Faction has a leader in charge of deciding when to use Faction Abilities. Faction Leaders are content creators that can achieve a wide reach and keep the rivalry and competition entertaining.

Faction Rewards

🏆 1st Place Faction

  • 40 Silver Tickets distributed to top MMR ranked players in faction, 1 per player
  • $1000 USDC for winning Faction leader
  • 50 WL spots for the Kuroro Ancients PFP collection to be raffled between participants

🥈 2nd Place Faction

  • 20 Silver Tickets distributed to top MMR ranked players in faction, 1 per player
  • $500 USDC for 2nd place Faction leader
  • 25 WL spots for the Kuroro Ancients PFP collection to be raffled between participants

New Gen 2 Beasts to capture

For the first time, we are introducing new Beasts as part of the Generation 2 roster that can be unlocked for FREE with Shells by participating in this event and playing Beast Brawl!


The 6 new species

The 6 new species being released are distributed in 5 different rarities: Common, Core, Rare, Epic, and Mythic. The Common and Mythic rarities are newly introduced Tiers! These include the Ayther, Phytofly, Carab, Flamella, and The Metal Mythic Bugs.

Unlock now, Airdropped later

The Beasts that you unlock inside Beast Brawl will be unlocked for your account for the duration of the Event and airdropped as an NFT after the event is done as part of the Kuroro Beasts collection together with Starters and all upcoming Beasts being released.

More info about unlocking Beasts and the airdrop is on our Early Access Guide.

FREE Playing Rewards

We have a lot of prizes being given out as part of this Early Access Event which in total all well over $10,000 in prize value.

  • 100+ Silver Ferry Tickets
  • 500+ WL Spots for our upcoming Kuroro Ancients PFP Collection
  • 150,000+ Shells to be distributed among Players and Factions


Get ready to join the Beast Brawl Early Access and let the games begin!

For more detailed information check out our Early Access Guide