$KURO (7%)

Collect XP & Rank Up to Increase Your Airdrop!

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Complete Badges & Quests

  • Complete 60+ Badges for playing Beast Brawl, collecting Beasts, Ancients, referring friends, and more to maximize your XP!
  • Quests are limited time events that usually last 24 to 72 hours, and can earn you bonus XP!
  • Check back everyday for new Quests to maximize your XP!

Play Beast Brawl

  • Face-off against players from around the globe in this exciting Free-to-Play PVP battle arena!
  • Win matches and collect Badges to earn XP towards the Airdrop!
  • Build a team from over 40+ Unlockable Beasts, or use the free team of the week.

Collect Ancients


  • The Ancients are a stunning one of kind collection of randomly generated & unique profile pictures, representing over 9 months of work by renowned artist JMW.
  • Ancients increase your ability to earn in the Kuroro Beasts ecosystem.
  • Millions of combinations with over 300 traits.
  • Hand drawn by the amazing jmw327.

Play Kuroro Wilds


  • Explore the wonders and secrets of the Kuroro Islands in this exciting demo, with over 3 hours of stories and sidequests!
  • Take on over 40 species of Beasts, and 3 bosses in exciting real time combat.
  • Perform daily actions like Fishing, Egg Escape, collecting Shells on the beach, and help Otium study and collect data about all the species of Beasts!

What is $KURO?

$KURO is the native token powering the Kuroro Beasts ecosystem. It has a fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. The token is planned to launch in 2024 following our Play to Airdrop event, with constantly expanding use cases within the Kuroro universe designed to enhance player experiences.


$KURO (7%)

  • $KURO will be distributed amongst participants of the Play to Airdrop
  • Participation in this Play to Airdrop is 100% free - no purchases required!
  • The higher your Level and Rank in the Airdrop, the more $KURO and other bonuses you will receive!

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