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Embark on a perilous journey into the Kuroro Wilds, face tactical encounters with majestic & powerful Elemental Beasts, all while unraveling the enigma of the ancients hidden within this vibrant world.

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Embark on an exciting adventure as a visitor to the newly discovered Kuroro Islands! Venture into the Wilds, where intrepid explorers grapple with the raw majesty and power of Elemental Beasts. Your journey will not only test your skills in tactical beast-on-beast battles, but also your cunning and intellect as you attempt to decipher the cryptic remnants of a forgotten civilization and unearth the origins of the incredible Beasts.

Harness the might of the Elements themselves, manipulating their distinct powers to unlock secrets hidden deep within this vibrant world by a forgotten civilization. As you traverse this mystic wilderness, you will clash with rare and exotic Wild Beasts. Conquer these formidable adversaries and extract their unique Genetics, as you build your own formidable roster of Beasts.

Forge a team of unrivaled potency, their combined strength capable of challenging even the Legendary Beast of Chaos. Yet, amidst the tension of battle and the thrill of discovery, find tranquility in the everyday joys of Kuroro's township life. Enjoy the peaceful pastimes such as Fishing, Shell collecting, and the companionship of Kuroro's endearing inhabitants.

Every step of your journey is adorned with exquisite handcrafted pixel art that will draw you into the living and breathing world around you. Embrace the challenge, relish the exploration, and fall in love with the aesthetic wonder that is Kuroro Wilds.

Key Features

  • Take on Wild Beasts with a combination of real time skill and turn based mechanics
  • Collect Beast DNA from encounters to grow your collection of Beasts
  • Exciting minigames such as Fishing, Egg Escape, Shell collecting and more
  • 30+ NPC Quests and secrets
  • Discover over 30 unique species of Beasts that evolve as they level up.
  • Team up with up to 3 friends to take on daily procedural dungeons in a co-op experience.
  • Mint your Beasts into NFTs that can be used in any Kuroro game, or traded on secondary markets.






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